Retrofitting electronic locks on existing safes

Lock4Safe is leading in the niche market of retrofitting electronic locks on existing safes in branches of supermarkets and restaurant chains.

Due to high knowledge, independent consulting, project Management, and innovative products, Lock4Safe has won the trust of its customers. Today Lock4Safe conducts extensive projects throughout Europe and the USA. Glossy brochures do not count for these customers; only know-how and performance.

We constantly look out for safe technicians and alarm technicians who want to get to know the challenges of this market and have no fears of contacts with modern, network-compatible safe locks.

Lock4Safe BV was founded 2011 by independent safe locks experts having many years of experience in the industry. Therefore it is no surprise that, shortly after it was founded, the company was able to prove itself on a very large project for a major retail chain. It was, after all, 10.000 sites in 28 European countries.

With this reference, it was not difficult to obtain further orders. Because unlike safe manufactures and lock manufacturers, Lock4Safe is able to offer the full-range: