Conception for your personal safe security concept

Lock4Safe is focused on the best possibility of theft prevention for your safes: That means the precise implementation of a security concept and also the integratiotn of smart safes into the given infrastructure.

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Your individual security concept is the base for the retrofitting project of your existing safes.

In personal cooperation with you, we develop a comprehensive compilation of the desired targets of security as well as the strategies and measures for implementation. Individual structures of internal processes as well as possible risk situations are taken into account in our plannings.

Based on the following exemplary questions …

  • How much security is affordable?
  • How high are the risks for cash holdings in a company?
  • How do you find the right balance between user-friendliness and safety requirements?
  • In which areas are staff members given responsibility – and in which are they not?

… Lock4Safe performs a target/actual analysis. This ensures that the smart locks can be programmed adapted to your needs and can be integrated perfectly into your security concept. Thus, we create a highly secure link between safes and existing infrastructures with clear responsibilities and processes.

Our concepts apply the latest technology and also include the human factor, individual operating procedures, employee protection as well as data protection and many other aspects.