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Our in-house safe technicians knows about the productivity and workflows of our customers (supermarket chains, retail chains, banks, gastronomy and industrial customers). Interruptions within the daily work routine can be very expensive.

Benefit through our know-how: thanks to years of experience and optimized tools, our safe service is able to work quickly, thoroughly and cleanly. Emergency safe openings, safe maintenance, repairs, retrofit safe locks or manufacture new keys for your mechanical safe locks: we do it – and of course for safes of the most diverse security classes and construction types. Further necessary, extended arrangements and processes, which serve the later functionality, are executed in the background. Due to that we are able to ensure that your staff can continue performing the daily business without interruptions.

Safe (emergency) opening
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Safe maintenance
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Retrofit specialist for safes
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Key lock service for safe locks
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Your Safes. Our Service.

One Safe service partner for all.

Service/Maintenance for ATMs (Safes)

Service/Maintenance for Gun safes

Service/Maintenance for Deposite safes

Service/Maintenance for Safety deposit boxes

Retrofit specialist for safes

Emergency safe openings

Key service for mechanical safe locks

Emergency opening of a safe after a fire.

Safe opening/Safe emergency opening

An emergency opening can be assigned not only by loosing your codes or keys but also after a fire.

Your safes are locked by a key lock/mechanical combination lock?

The key of your safe lock is broken/lost? You have lost the code of the mechanical combination lock? Don’t worry, there are several ways to open your safe, for example by picking or decoding. Thanks to our in-house key service for safe locks we are able to manufacture a new key for your lock if the relevant pieces of the key can be found.

An electronic safe lock locks your safe?

Your have lost your code to open or you receive error messages on the display of the entry unit?

Depending on the code hierarchy, it is possible to create a new code for the respective safe user; or: another person responsible for the safe opens the safe. Unfortunately, there is no SUPER code for opening a safe.

Good to know: Due to our special tools, it is possible to open a safe in most cases and without major damage! A precise use of a drill is preferred only in special cases and after prior consultation.

For a locking guarantee we recommend regular maintenance.

Safe maintenance

Regular maintenance extends the service life of the mechanical functionality and guarantees a consistently high level of security.

Maintenance of your safes should be performed every 5 years, we recommend. The safe maintenance ensures the proper function of all moving parts (fine mechanics) and therfore a secure closing is guaranteed. For example, should you notice that

  • there are unusual noises during opening
  • the safe handle loosens
  • the safe is hard to open

you should act quickly! With safe maintenance, you not only extend the life of your safes and preserve the correct functionality of the locking mechanism, but also save money. An emergency opening of safes my cause high costs, depending on the effort involved. Our in-house safe service employees check and maintain your safes with regard to

  • the wear
  • the locking mechanism
  • the hinges
  • the safe handle
  • the wiring and the proper function of the electronics in case of useing electronic locks
  • a possible adjustment of mechanics and electronics

Retrofit a safe lock? No problem even for small safes!

Safe lock retrofit

You don’t feel safe by using mechanical key locks on your safes? You want to increase the security level on your safes and prevent possible losses due thefts?

Good news for you: Keep your existing safes! Almost every conventional safe can be retrofitted with an electronic high-security lock!

With a customized cash security concept especially adapted for your branch processes, Lock4Safe transforms your existing safes into smart safes of the present.

Read here all the benefits of a retrofit process for your existing safes and trust Lock4Safe, the specialists for smart electronic safe locks.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply use our numerous contact options.

New safe key? No problem.

Key service for mechanical safe locks

Safe key broken or lost? Do you need a suitable duplicate key for your mechanical safe lock?

Our in-house key service for safe lock keys is able to manufacture suitable keys for your locks:

  • Double-bit keys
  • Single-bit keys
  • Bend-keys

Of course also in various lengths. Simply get in touch with us for this purpose.

Please note: We can only guarantee functionality if we have the key to duplicate or the lock that matches the key.

Are you looking for an experienced cash security and service partner for your safes?

Trust in our many years of experience!

Feel free to use our numerous contact options for general and service inquiries.

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