Training for safe lock users and, if necessary, external service companies

The most important security aspect, which is often underestimated: A proper handling of the smart electronic safe lock.

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To eliminate access to your safe by third parties, it is important that the staff responsible for the safe have know-how in handling the safe lock.

We not only ensure that the new system is mounted, configured and connected, but also that the new locking system is perfectly integrated into your everyday processes.

There is a risk when using the electronic safe lock if unauthorized persons have access to codes and functions. Therefore, it is importent that your safe managers are trained within the necessary management functions of the lock.

“After all, a safe lock is only secure if the user knows how to opertate with it.”

But we also train external service companies and resellers regarding retrofitting safes, service, management(software) and safe lock know-how.

You decide: We do our trainings either in our in-house seminar rooms or directly on your premises.