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All-in-One partner for safe security and cash security

Retrofit safes to electronic lock?
We do it! Save costs, act in compliance with regulations and sustainably.

Cash concepts.

Safe locks.

Safe retrofit.

Safe service.


Losses of cash / valuables at safes?
Not with Lock4Safe!

The illustration shows the smart, electronic safe lock Cash-Room-Master. Specially developed for the requirements in the retail sector. Of course with IP connection for central management of your safes.

Robberies. Burglaries. Internal theft.

The most common causes of such losses!

The Lock4Safe GmbH supports companies to preventively counteract these causes of loss at the safe. To achieve this target, two components form the safety-related basis:

  1. A customized cash concept / safe lock lock concept for your company
  2. Derived from that concept: Measures on the safe. We retrofit your safes to an electronic safe lock from our portfolio

Thanks to our Cash-Security-Full-Service, we are able to customize these two components to fit your business.

Our target: Increasing safe security and productivity, as well as the resulting protection of your staff.

Our components for your safe security

1. …

Cash-/Safe lock concept

From cash acceptance, to transport to the back office and storage in you safes, until pick-up by Cash-in-Transit companies: a cash concept defines how cash/valuables are handled in your company. Derived from the concept: the measures at the safes.

… 2. …

Measures on the safe

Massnahmen am Tresor

Keep your existing safes! We retrofit your safes to an electronic safe lock. By exploiting the potential of the lock, you can effectively and sustainably increase the security level of your safes.

… result.

Protection of staff


Regulations on the prevention of theft pose challenges for companies. Thanks to the cash concept and the measures taken at the safe, work processes that comply with regulations as well as protection for staff will result.

Cash-Security: Full-Service for safe security

Full service means: personal support from start to finish – and beyond. With our customizable security services for your safes, Lock4Safe is the contact for safe security in your company.

… where smart safe locks meet service.

The Lock4Safe safe service for Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg: services for safes that are as individual as their requirements. Maintenance work on safes, safe retrofitting to electronic safe locks, safe emergency openings – our safe technicians are on duty for you.


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