The safe lock for retail chains, supermarkets and discount stores.
VdS Class 2 certified – EN1300 Class B.
Compliant with laws and standards.

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We configure Cash Room Master according to your business needs: unnecessary functions are blocked and the number of codes is adjusted. Operator rights can also be adapted to your personnel hierarchy (find out more).


  • Cash-Room-Master (Metal, chrome, brushed)
  • Cash-Room-Master with Dallas terminal for elektronic keys (Metal, chrome, brushed)

Locking options

  • Swingbolt lock (semi automatic)
  • Motorbolt lock (automatic)
  • Straightbolt lock (manually)


  • VdS Class 2, EN 1300 Class B


  • Standard mounting dimensions

Configuration options

  • We configure Cash-Room-Master according to your business needs.
    Please feel free to contact us personally!

Power supply

  • 9V alkaline battery
  • Battery box
  • external power supply with ConnBox


  • 2 Master codes
  • Multiple manager codes
    (Quantity depends on the configuration)
  • Up to 90 opening codes
  • Blocking of users
  • Manipulation protection
  • 4-eyes principle (can be activated)
  • Override users (can be activated)
  • Opening delay (can be activated)
  • Dynamic codes (One-time codes)
  • Code expiration

Electronic keys

  • Up to 90 electronic keys (Dallas keys)


  • Recording of all events with date and time
  • Audit capacity: 15.000
    (the number of recorded actions depends on the
    depend on the shutter option)
  • Read/evaluat events with PC/network

Time lock

  • Time lock
  • Weekly programms
  • Individual closing times
  • Manual time lock
  • Programming via PC/network


  • Alarm module
  • Silent alarm

Multi-lock operation

  • Up to 5 locks

Remote maintenance/management

  • Input/output interface
  • Remote release
  • Network connection TCP/IP
  • Network software Coren