Finaly back on EuroCIS 2022

Lock4Safe GmbH is pleased to announce that we will exhibit at the EuroCIS trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This year we present ourselves with the headline:

“Let’s make your old safe smart.”

With a special customized concept for your branch processes, Lock4Safe transforms your existing safes into a smart safes of the present.

„Those who do not invest in the smart way, will not be able to survive in the long run.“ – This is probably the best way to describe the changes for industries today. During the Corona crisis, almost every company is forced to re-evaluate their processes and to invest in smart and innovative (security) solutions. Sustainability and opportunities to prevent losses are more important than ever before.

We retrofit your old safe – you benefit and save!

A quality safe remains being a quality safe, even after years of usage. But also without any risks? What really makes your safes work safely is the lock – combined with the skills of the user who knows how to operate with the safe locks the right way. When you are owner of  safes with a key locks, you should know that the safe brings a high level of security risks with it. This also applies to safes with electronic locks that are not used properly. If all employees use the same key/code, the internal risk of theft is high. In addition, the location of the key or the opening code is often known to former employees. The result: Service and key management costs, as well as losses due internal thefts.

So better buy a new safes?
Consider the following: Safe manufacturers are saving costs to reach their economic success. Often on the materials used for production. Therefore, it is questionable that new safes will be of better quality than your old (existing) ones. Do not underestimate the costs for disposal of the old safes. Due to mixed materials, metals, concrete, heat absorbing fillings, sometimes even asbestos, the costs can be substantial.

If your existing safes are still fully functional, it is more sustainable to continue using them. In most cases it is possible to retrofit your safes with just a new safe lock system that is adapted for your branch processes.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the following: The priority for safe manufacturers is to sell safes. They install the lock system the customer selects. Due to that, the manufacturer is not able to provide in depth advice regarding the safe lock. and, have you thought about who will train your staff on the new system? … because a safe (lock) is only secure if the owner / user knows how to operate it!

Have you ever thought of investing in your old, existing safes? No? But you should!

Adress for navigation system:
D-40474 Düsseldorf, Am Staad
(Stockumer Höfe)

Let’s make your old safe smart.

With our safe lock portfolio and the necessary know-how, Lock4Safe is your retrofit specialist for old, excisting safes. We offer full service for your customized cash security concept, adapted for your branch processes.

  • Consulting and conception
  • Project planning
  • Installation and setup
  • Maintenance of the systems
  • Service hotline
  • Training

Due to the right safe lock system, based on numeric codes for each staff member, you will eliminate almost all the security risks mentioned above. In addition you are able to view, save and even download all events happened on your new lock (audit). You define a person responsible for the safes with a clearly defined period of responsibility. There are no more cases of general suspicion against employees who are not responsible. … to name just a few of the advantages of a smart safe lock system.

Visit Lock4Safe, your full service specialist for retrofitting old safes:
EuroCIS 2022: Hall 9 – Booth F12.

So keep your old safe …

… and let your company benefit from decreasing internal thefts, (investment) savings as well as sustainability – all because of an intelligent safe locking solution.

And how does that work?

Lock4Safe, your retrofit specialist for old safes, will show you!

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth!
(Hall 9, Booth F12)